For Wrigley

About a month ago Chris Thompson, also known as SupDaily on YouTube,  that I watch regularly, lost his dog when she got hit by a car while they were out at a park.  Her name was Wrigley and she was a Chihuahua/Beagle mix, or as Chris likes to call it a Beauhuahua.  She honestly was just the cutest dog I have ever seen!  I never got the opportunity to meet her, but I know if I did I would have fallen madly in love with her!  Hell, I already did just seeing her on Chris’ YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat!

Wrigley was also known as Chris’ adventure pup, so he decided that he would embark on a three month road trip all over the United States to spread her ashes in places that he was planning on taking her to and other places that he thought she would like.  Along the way he is having meet ups to get donations to take to animal rescues in the cities that he is visiting.  So far it has been a big hit!  He has taken hundreds of pounds of food to the few animal rescues that he has visited.  He’s already visited, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

I wanted to write about this, because this is something that I fully support and want to help out with in any way that I can.  Please watch Chris’ YouTube video about it below:

So I have an idea:  If you feel led to donate anything to any of the rescues please do so! if you don’t live close to any of those areas but still want to help out feel free to email me and I can help you out in the best way I can.  I am going to go to Chris’ meet up in LA in August so if you want to donate something and you don’t mind it waiting until August I can hand deliver it myself while I am at the meetup.  You can also reach out to Chris at as well.  Also, if you could also share this post or just Chris’ video to get the word out, that would be amazing!  Chris is also looking for different dog Instagram’s to connect with as well, so don’t be shy!

Thank you all!

What am I #thankful for this year? #community. Why community? Because without community I probably would have lost my shit halfway throughout the year. Because my community helps me grow. Because whether I’m hanging out with church friends or school friends, and whether they know it or not, each one has changed my life for the better. #thankyou #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2016 #friends #family #life

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Well we did it! 46 of us with the guidance of John Hartmann created a concert and to say it was successful is an understatement. I am looking forward to seeing where every single artist ends up! I have no doubt they will go far! And thank you to everyone else that made last night the success that it was! I feel like I made some lifelong friends in this course. I will miss it, but as they say, the show must go on! #losangeles #accapella #rock #country #canyoncountry #topangacanyon #topanga #amerindia #randallapollo #whisperingriver #froggys #venue #concert #uclaextension #musicmanagement

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I’m super excited for this show! If your in the #losangeles area come to #froggys in #topanga hear some great music from #amerindia as well as #whisperingriver and #randallapollo. It’s #free! There will be food and drinks and guaranteed to be lots of dancing. Doors open at 6 and show starts at 7! #topangacanyon #music #concert #country #canyoncountry #venue

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