Creative Writing

Does anyone have any great Creative Writing challenges, activities, or classes that they would suggest?  I have been wanting to stretch myself more when it comes to creative writing.  It can be here on WordPress or another website.  Thanks in advance!



2 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. Hi Katy.
    It’s a good question and of course there are many places you can visit (I just googled ‘Creative Writing Course and promptly was offered 65,000,000 hits- you have to love the search engines sometimes).
    Now this is just my own humble suggestion (these always come with a Reader’s Health Warning as they come from my own ‘shuffle along’ way of doing things.
    Experiment with book/film/music reviews (Amazon springs to mind). The challenge here is to be (a) Informative (b) Constructive in your critical appraisal (huffin’ & puffin’ won’t do) (c) Precise so the reader doesn’t wander off. Set yourself a challenge of producing 1 a week/10 days/ a month. The idea being to focus your descriptive, objectivity & self-editorial skills as well as working to a deadline.
    Just a thought.
    Best wishes

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