19 thoughts on “Today I stand with the world and #prayforbrussels and also #prayfortheworld. Who will all the hate and terror end? #endterrorism #endterrornow #worldpeace

  1. They only understand one thing and it’s the elephant in the room. No one wants to say it or God forbid do it. Yet we wake up every morning looking at their only crime was living their life, working, shopping. It is going to take a strong leader willing to take the necessary steps to end this terror war. I pray every day that we will elect someone who will. We will not get peace unless we start showing strength, P E R I O D ❀

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  2. Evil will not go away on its own, only when brave and courageous people do what is necessary to root out and destroy the evil at its core. There’s no delicate or pretty way to fight a war, you must be willing to do what’s necessary to win, not just talk about it or wimp out when the going gets tough and blood is spilled. America is known for spilling more of its own blood on foreign soil to protect others, it’s time we fought a war instead of worrying about “rules of engagement” or “status of forces agreements.” The only alternative to war is submission to the enemy and I refuse to do that, ever.

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