Paris Attacks

I honestly have so many emotions going on in my head right now after hearing about the Paris Attacks last night. I’m sad, and pissed off, and probably a lot more emotions that I can’t put into words right now I don’t understand why people would voluntarily bomb and shoot out places. What are they trying to prove? I just don’t get it. 
I woke up to the news this morning that ISIS admitted to being behind the attacks. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard to wonder who did it right after the news broke so I was already expecting to hear that, it was just a matter of time. Once again, I just don’t get it. 

I was talking to some family and friends last night and the question of “How can we stop this without stooping down to their level and fight?” As much as I want to know this answer, I don’t know if there is one. 

I know this is all over the place but I just needed to get my thoughts down and vent. 

I’ll end with this: I am sending a multitude of prayers to Paris today and everyday as they try to put the pieces back together. I am glad that Paris as well as many other countries are standing together and helping each other out.


10 thoughts on “Paris Attacks

    1. I respectfully disagree. Terrorism makes ultimate sense… to the terrorists. The purpose of terror tactics is to cause the target to be fearful. Consider the countless changes we have made in our day to day activities since 911, all out of fear. We have all but locked down our airports, militarized our local police forces and routinely look at some of our neighbors with renewed suspicion. This current enemy has no desire to capture our lands or resources or industrial base, he is waging a holy war that has its origins in the mid-eighth century. There may not be a good answer to approaching this new reality but if one is to be found it will have to begin with a true understanding of just who the enemy is and what motivates him. When facing someone mandated by his religion to kill you conventional rules of warfare no longer apply.


  1. We are at a disadvantage because we don’t want to admit that this enemy believes he has a mandate from God to convert every person on the planet to his religion or, alternatively, kill them. This is a core belief of those seeking the return of The Mahdi. What we have to come to grips with is how far are we willing to go, given that diplomacy is not an option, to counter this enemy.

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  2. On Facebook and now here on WordPress from non Muslims I read Muslims want to convert us all to Islam, it’s a death cult. Yada yada. It’s so depressing. If you believe this then you let the terrorists win. You allow the terrorists to divide you from the moderate Muslims. Moderates everywhere of all religions and all cultures want to live a peaceful happy life. Extremists and war mongers, people who think it doesn’t matter how many innocent people’s lives are lost to avenge one American or Muslim or French life, they are the danger. They have to be contained, which is tough today. If you want to be part of the solution go out and connect across cultures and discover the beauty in each, strengthen the moderates, keep away from the crazies unless you are highly skilled. Be your lovely self and meet others whose selves are lovely and work together to resolve the issues.

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