The Beginning of My Musical Journey

Everybody has dreams and aspirations in life. Some people may want to become a doctor, or scientist, or a teacher. Some people may even want to become an actor, Broadway star, or musician. I thought today, I would talk a little about my dreams and aspirations for my life and talk about how important music has been to my life.

For as long as I can remember, music has been that special thing in my life that was always there. There is a song out there for every situation and emotion that comes with it. Because of this, I have known since middle school that I have always wanted to work in something with music, I just wasn’t sure what exactly. I took band and choir in middle school, but band was short-lived. Choir was the one that stuck for me through all my middle school days and most of my high school days. As much as I loved it though, I knew deep down I wasn’t meant to be a singer.

It wasn’t until about three years later when I was living in Los Angeles that I got the opportunity to intern with a record label that I finally knew what I wanted to do. I love social media and I love helping artists and record labels out, so why not incorporate both of those? So that’s what I decided to do.

I ended up going back to Oregon a few short months later, but with the dream of working in the music industry still very strong inside of my heart. I had school to worry about first anyways. I tried going to my local community college at first but they didn’t have anything that would help me in the direction that I wanted to go into at all, so that ended up being a major fail. However, I did look into University of Phoenix and found a perfect major for me for my Associates Degree and quickly jumped on that train to pursue that. After 2 and a half years of doing that I finally graduated with my Associates with a 3.5 I believe.

After that I jumped right into getting my Bachelor’s Degree, which was fine for about the first year of the course. About a year after starting my Bachelor’s Degree I finally decided to take the plunge and finally move to Los Angeles full-time and pursue my dream of working in the music industry.

A few months after I made the move to LA, I decided that University of Phoenix was no longer the way to go. The area I was studying wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted to go in. I decided I wanted to go into more of the Music Business side of things. So I ended things with University of Phoenix (much to their disappointment) and applied for the Music Business Extension Program at UCLA, where I am currently attending, and love it.

Being out here almost a year, I look back on it and see that yes, there have been a lot of struggles to get to where I am today, but that it has only made me stronger. It also comes with the gig that I chose, and that is okay with me. I am still learning every day about the business and myself. I am making connections on business levels and personal levels, because I know that is one of the best ways to make my way up in this business. Yes, it is tough, and yes, it is super competitive, but I would not change it for the world. Every day is a new adventure and I love the ride.

38 thoughts on “The Beginning of My Musical Journey

  1. I’m new around here but I have read quite a bit of what you’ve written. I wish nothing but the very best for you in this life. I know people whose only disability is their own laziness and then I read you and how you not only face but embrace the challenge of something like breaking into the music industry and I just want to stand up and clap and cheer at my screen. May all of your dreams come true!

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  2. I love music also Katy, and I am happy you stayed with it. I have had dyslexia, since I was a child and I still have a problem reversing letters, numbers and understanding certain things, but I learned to not let it hold me back and yet i write and make recordings now. A lot of things I have not shared yet, but soon, I will. I am glad you persevered and that you keep moving forward God is blessing you greatly, and in you is a wonderful example how we can overcome many things in our lives. I believe always that I can do all things through him who gives me strength. I had a problem with both legs the last two weeks, and yet I prayed and waited on him, and I am much better now. We are overcomers my sister! Have a beautiful day tomorrow!

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  3. as a musician, I applaud anyone who is there “in the background” helping artists be given a chance, be heard, be heard as was intended. I realize just how easy it is to think “it’s all about me” – but, as is with most of life, without the support of others, some whom I may never know of – – without support I fall. Thank you for posting this, and thank you for being part of the “background” that is so necessary in our lives.

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