Contrast Does Not Just Apply to Instagram Filters

Growing up my parents always taught me that if I fell, I had to get back up and try again. Sure, they would always help me if needed and I tried a few times first, but they raised me to be independent and to not rely on other people to do things for me, and I because of this I am the person I am today. I just wish that some other people would understand this concept as well.

The other week when I was out having a late night food excursion with some friends, I was getting out of the car and getting into my walker when someone came up to me and asked me if I needed my walker closer to me. Now, from where I was compared to where the walker was at the back of the car, it was no more than a few feet at most. They then proceeded to push my walker closer after I told them no that I had got it.

Now, I know this person meant well and I am not mad at them in the least for having a good heart and for wanting to help. But I will say that after some time had passed and I got to thinking about it, I got sad that the stigma that disabled people cannot do anything for themselves is still rampant today.

Have I wanted to give up after only barely trying to accomplish something? Of course, I am sure everyone has disabled or not. I have also noticed that while some things may look easy to one person, it could be a difficult feat for someone else. This was the case with me and a step stool.

I am pretty short so it is nothing new when I find myself reaching up on my tiptoes to reach something in a cupboard. Usually when I set my mind to something I will do anything and everything to get the task completed. I decided that I would take step stool and try to reach up and grab a plate that I wanted to get. This ended up being quite a task. Because of my lack of balance, this was very difficult for me. As many times as I tried to reach up and grab the plate, I could not get my balance long enough without holding onto the step stool because I would feel like I would fall off if I did not hold onto the step stool. After a while, my roommate ended up having to help me.

While yes, I did get frustrated with myself that I could not get something as simple as a plate or use something as little as a step stool, I had to learn that it is okay in the end. The important thing is that I did try. Just because I was not able to get the plate, or use the step stool this time, that does not mean I will not be able to accomplish this task in the future. I refuse to give up. I guess the quote, “fall down seven times, stand up eight” is true, you just have to work at it.

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